GPSPhotoLinker 1.6.4

Add GPS positioning and location data to your photos


  • Free to use
  • Lightweight
  • Supports most major image formats


  • Doesn't integrate with any photo apps


One of the major innovations in the latest release of iPhoto was the addition of Geotagging to your photo collection.

However, if like me you don't use iPhoto, you'll need an alternative way to automatically add geotags to your photos. GPSPhotoLinker adds GPS positioning and location data to your photos as long as your camera has GPS tagging enabled. The latitude and longitude recorded by your GPS unit are linked and saved to your photos. GPSPhotoLinker automatically enters the city, state and country into the metadata.

Adding geographic information to an item is known as geotagging and if you're not convinced of it's worth, check out the developer's mapped web galleries. There are four main steps to tagging with GPSPhotoLinker. Connect your GPS device to your computer, Choose your GPS receiver type, Download them and finally, "Load" them. All that's left for you to do is set the Time Zone and to choose a tracking point. Another bonus of using GPSPhotoLinker is that using Spotlight, you can easily search any of the metadata right in Finder making it easier to find your photos.

Considering it's completely free to use GPSPhotoLinker is an excellent application for anyone that wants to add geotags to their photo collection.



GPSPhotoLinker 1.6.4

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